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About our partnership

Since the summer of 2020, we’ve been partnering with Fixx Bikes, a social enterprise based in BS13 that works with young people to develop their bike mechanic skills and training opportunities.  The team at Fixx Bikes share our low-carbon ethos and were our obvious choice for a partnership to help us deliver our flowers, veg boxes and meals across the city.

You can check out FixX bikes here

Becoming a low carbon city

Road transport accounts for a third of Bristol’s direct Carbon emissions, and the city is on a mission to reduce vehicle miles by 40% over the coming 9 years.  It’s an ambitious goal and Heart of BS13 and FixX Bikes want to play our part, ensuring that we’re not part of the stop/start vehicle culture that clogs up our roads and belches polutants into young lungs.

For more information on our climate and environmental action programme click here

Thank you for choosing ethical, low carbon delivery

Both our Real Meal and Kitchen Garden enterprises rely on an electric cargo bike for the delivery of goods in and around the city of Bristol.

We estimate that currently, 45% of our deliveries are by this mode of transport and our ambition is to eventually rely on cargo bikes for at least 75 – 90% of our deliveries across the city.  As our enterprises grow we aim to have a fleet of cargo bikes with FixX bike riders to deliver our goods, so every time you buy from us we move closer to our goal.

We also want you to know about the ethical payment model we implement for our riders.  We don’t agree with the way that many large delivery companies operate, putting riders on a ‘per delivery’ payment schedule or making them rely on tips to bring their hourly wage to a liveable one.  Our riders work in block shifts and get paid the living wage which means that they are guaranteed to earn during the hours they work for us.