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In BS13, 1 in 8 households experiences food poverty. We're fundraising so that more families have access to quality food at affordable prices.

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The Real Meal Store

Our story.

Our idea for the Real Meal Store began before Covid. With one in eight households reporting food insecurity in BS13, we’ve been aware for a long time that the food crisis pre-dated the pandemic and was largely being overlooked. During lockdown, the Real Meal kitchen sent out 30,000 meals to over 400 households as part of our food response, but to really support people out of food poverty we need to address root causes, not just imminent hunger.

Our Pay It Forward range invites the city of Bristol to support our work. Every order you make from our Pay it Forward range means that you’ll be supporting a household of 4 people to have delicious, high-quality food choices plus additional professional support to tackle the challenges they face.

At the Real Meal Store, we’re producing quality, pre-prepared, home-style ready meals using ingredients grown by our Kitchen Garden Enterprise team. By freezing our cooked meals, we are locking in both the nutrients and flavour of our locally grown produce, to offer a healthy and convenient food option for busy people.

Click here to view our Pay if Forward range, and thank you for your support.