Covid-19 response and fund

The current Covid-19 situation means that we need to run our programmes differently. We are delivering a coordinated response for BS13.

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Mental health and wellbeing

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Positive Minds helps you grow through life’s challenges, supporting your mental health and wellbeing.

Positive Minds supports adults in BS13 to find their path to better mental health and wellbeing. Mental health problems can result from many factors including; social isolation, debt, illness, poor diet and lack of exercise, stress, domestic abuse, substance misuse/dependency, and from experiences of physical, emotional or sexual abuse, or neglect, discrimination or violence in childhood.

Positive Minds

Based on 10 years’ experience of the needs within the BS13 community, our team has created a trauma- informed model of  support that enables us to meet our clients where they are at. We recognise that mental health issues often sit alongside social and family problems, so we balance therapeutic work with practical support and activity to ensure our clients’ day-to-day needs are being met, whilst looking at strategies to improve mental health overall. Positive Minds can help people access a range of activities or volunteering opportunities through our other Heart of BS13 projects and within the local community.

What we offer

One-to-one sessions – using different approaches to help you understand your mental health and wellbeing and create a plan to reach your goals. By supporting people to create structure in their lives and increase self-confidence, we hope to help people create the lives they want to live. These sessions are available face-to-face (using appropriate social distancing and precautions) or over the phone. 

Walk and Talk  – we are now offering 1:1 ‘Walk and Talk’ sessions for people who are struggling with post-lockdown anxiety or feeling overwhelmed with getting out and about.

Please contact Helen on 01179644670 / 07880661239 or for more information.

Daily tips for being kind to ourselves

This year, the theme of Mental Health Awareness Week was kindness.

Over this week, we focussed on being kind to ourselves first, to build the foundations of our own mental wellbeing, and on celebrating the kindness we received from others.

Throughout the week, we offered daily tips for how to look after our mental health, and were delighted to hear about the positive impact that making these small changes had on people in BS13.

But looking after our mental health isn’t about what we do on just one week of the year – and the ideas and advice in the following pages are as valid and useful any week.

Many of us have struggled with looking after our mental health during the Covid-19 pandemic – why not try giving some of these a go?

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Daily tips for getting and staying active and active after lockdown

Lockdown was tough for most of us in different ways and being at home certainly reduced the amount of exercise most of us did on a daily basis. How have you found getting active again now that lockdown is easing?

Not moving has a massive negative impact on our health and wellbeing, so we have created a ‘Get Active, Stay Active’ guide to remind ourselves of the many ways of being active and how we can help ourselves feel good!

There are ideas and activities for each day of the week  – complete with how to videos and healthy cookery suggestions – why not give it a go today?



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