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Welcome to our new website!

Posted on 21st March 2020

Well this is a crazy time to launch our new website! But launch it we must, not just because we want to tell you about the amazing work that’s underway at Heart of BS13, but also because we need to share what we are doing to support the community during the current Covid-19 crisis. We know that many of you will be feeling real anxiety and we want to offer support and action where we can. Our Positive Minds team continue to offer a telephone counselling and emotional support service to existing clients, and we are busy organising the logistics to prepare and cook fresh food that will be distributed to people who need it in BS13. We have to remember that this time will pass and that by harnessing the good-will and practical action of the community, we will support each other to get through this.

Be kind to each other and look out for people who are vulnerable and isolated and who might need assistance. Respect the government instructions not to make unnecessary journeys to public places. If you do need to go out for any reason, such as to buy food or get some exercise, follow the public health advice to wash your hands as soon as you can, using soap and for at least 20 seconds. Remember to keep the approved distance (2 metres) apart from others. As we publish our new website, there is much that is uncertain. But what is for sure is that spring is here. If you have an outside space (a garden, a balcony) then get out, and into the fresh air when you can. Take a stroll (whilst keeping your distance from others) and enjoy the arrival of new buds and spring flowers.