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Stay connected during lockdown

Posted on 16th May 2020

Good relationships with friends and family can help us through the stresses and strains of life. This sort of support is particularly important at this time when we are physically separate from people we would normally spend time with and can feel isolated, anxious or stressed.

It is really worth making an effort to chat with people who make you laugh, listen, give good advice and generally make you feel good.

It is also really worth avoiding people who drain your energy, talk but don’t listen and try to drag you into their drama’s.

Be kind to yourself and start to notice the difference between those people who support you and help you feel good versus those who drain you and bring you down.

If you were in a boat with a hole in it you wouldn’t be pouring water into it, you would be getting whoever you could to help you keep the water out so you didn’t sink. Well it is the same now, we are all trying hard to stay afloat – so let go of, or minimise contact with those who pull you down and keep in touch and nurture those people who help you keep your spirits up and support your wellbeing.

At Heart of BS13 we are all missing the contact we have with colleagues, volunteers and local residents. Whilst we would often warn people about the negative aspects of social media, we recognise what a fantastic way of staying connected social media offers at this time. Rather than just having a phone conversation with one person, families and friends can have a joint video call and actually see each other, Facebook keeps you linked in to what’s going on and now you can enjoy Heart of BS13 TV!