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Curry Delights Dine-in Box for 2!

When you buy our Pay it Forward Curry Delights Dine-In box, not only will you enjoy a delicious meal for 2, cooked with love by our incredible chefs here at Heart of BS13, you’ll also know that your purchase helps to feed others too. Every meal you buy means that we can provide a family of 4 with a meal for the day.

We have 15 of these super tasty hand-made Dine-In boxes available!

Your delights for our Curry Dine-In box will include:

Handmade delicious naan bread

Homemade perfectly spiced pakoras with a nectarine chutney

Our classic Cauli, Chickpea, Spinach & Sweet Potato curry with basmati rice
Our fragrant and delicately spiced chicken curry with basmati rice

This special, one-off, Dine-In box is £25 for 2 people and includes delivery to your doorstep on Wednesday 20th October between 2 pm and 5 pm.

Our meals arrive frozen so pop them into the fridge to defrost if you plan to eat them the next day (if defrosted, the cooking time is 25-30 minutes) alternatively if you plan to eat them on another day place them directly into the freezer. 

Or, if like us, you can’t wait, pop them straight into the oven, please note from frozen, our meals take a good 40 minutes to cook.  Check if piping hot in the middle before eating.

Chicken Curry Contains Milk / Cauliflower Curry is allergen-free. 

*Please indicate in the ‘Additional Comments’ box when placing your order, which Main Course you would like.


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