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Our visit to Loop Frome

Posted on 17th November 2021

Earlier this month, our Kitchen Garden Enterprise team visited LOOP Frome to learn more about their work to recycle food waste into compost. 

‘Loop Frome is a community start-up that was developed by students of Edventure. They offer a commercial food waste collection service, taking food scraps from restaurants and cafes from across the town and converting it into to a nutrient dense, living compost. Domestic residents can also join the ‘compost club’, which means in return for having their food waste collected they get a share of the compost that is produced.

By closing the food waste ‘loop’, they are helping Frome to work towards their goal of being carbon neutral by 2030.  

At Heart of BS13 we are keen to learn more about how we too can ‘close the loop’. By turning a ‘waste’ into compost we can capture carbon, making a living and nutrient rich product that can be returned to the soil to begin the growing cycle again.  

In Frome we met Peter Macfadyen, who is one of the founders of the project.  He was generous with his time, showing us around the town and introducing us to different methods of safely and hygienically composting food. 
Loop Frome use a hand-operated composting machine which was great to see in action, and we are considering whether something like this could be utilised for our own composting process.

Back at the Kitchen Garden Enterprise we have been busy composting green waste from our garden, and teaching people about composting on our fantastic workshops (the final one of these this year runs on Tues 23 Nov so grab your place if you are interested). We have also been working with local schools who visit the garden, talking about soil life and the importance of reducing waste. 

As an organisation we grow food at the Kitchen Garden Enterprise, and we cook and distribute food through our Real Meal Store. Composting is the final stage of the process, and our trip to Froome helped us consider ways that we too can Close the Loop here in BS13.