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Our slow cooker project

Posted on 19th January 2022

This month we launched our new slow cooker project, and it has got off to a great start! 

What is the idea behind the project?

The slow cooker offers a fuss-free way to cook healthier meals, in large batches that can be eaten that day or frozen for a later date. They are very energy efficient so offer an affordable way to cook, which is especially important currently as the rise in household living and energy costs are placing a huge strain on low income families in our community.

Who is taking part? 

We are working with 10 families in BS13. Some have used slow cookers before but not for ages. For others, this is a completely new way of cooking.

How does it work?

Each family receives the raw ingredients each week for one big family meal, plus a recipe, and the slow cooker is provided too.  We check in with them each week to see how they are getting along and if they need any extra support. 

What happens after the 10 weeks are up?

As part of the initiative, the slow cooker remains with the family beyond the end of the 6- weeks.  It’s theirs to keep.  The aim is to offer new ideas and recipes, and help to build confidence for those who may not always enjoy cooking or have the time.  Our hope is that this could take the stress out of cooking week in week out.

What are the families saying about the project? 

We’ve had some wonderful feedback so far from both the parents and children, who have enjoyed the preparation and the finished meals. Many of the families involved have already been trying out their own recipes throughout the weeks too, alongside the one meal we’ve provided.

 “it’s really exciting throwing all the ingredients into the pot, placing the lid on – then returning to it a few hours later to be greeted by a delicious and amazing meal! Makes the house smell really homely too”

it’s a really good way to feed the children a hearty tea but for not much money”

What next? We’re already looking forward to running this project again in the autumn with 10 new families in BS13!

Are the recipes available online? We share some of our delicious recipes via our newsletter – sign up here if you’d like to receive them!