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We're talking about Hartcliffe City Farm and the climate action plan that will support it for future generations.

We're starting with the youngens. Working through schools and further education providers, to explore what a 21st century farm could look like.
We'll be introducing fresh ideas about the climate and environmental action we will all need to take to make the farm and our every day lives sustainable for future generations.

To kick things off we've commissioned 6 creatives who will be expanding young minds through a series of arts-based workshops.

From beatboxing to soft robotics these workshops aim to challenge perceptions, give young people a voice and connect them with their environment and future oportunities.

Meet the talented creatives we've commissioned for this exciting project ...


Creating a generation of new thinkers through Craftivism & Multimedia!

Alys creates a generation of great thinkers, risk-takers and problem solvers! Kids put on their inventor’s hats and use every day recycled objects to build machines out of scrap, getting clever and finding solutions for the unsustainable amount of rubbish we produce.

Turning their inventions into films that explain their work, kids will learn how to edit and produce music so everyone can become an Oscar winner!

Check out some of Alys work here


Meet Modest Genius Theatre!

Tess wants young people to understand their personal power!  Kids make body maps that are a fun way of exploring their relationship to community and the world and how we all need to work together if we are going to make change happen.

Ever watch Youtube?  Well, Tess’s METUBE videos offer a way better alternative for self expression.  Using formats of the classic cooking, make-up tutorials and news reporting, young people navigate the contradictions and perspectives they face in order to take real climate action


Find out more about Tess & Modest Genius Theatre here


Young people finding their voice through beatboxing & Music!

Short guided sessions take young people through a straightforward exploration of the environment, our effect on it and what we can do to help protect it, using melody, spoken word and beatboxing.

 Join Jack and Kesty as they work with young people to use a loop station that creates amazing beats and through words and music empower young people to make positive changes.

To see more of Jack & Kesty click here


Bringing carnival skills to BS13!

And we’re having our own festival to showcase our community engagement findings in the Autumn!

So meet Steph who takes junk modelling to the next level, creating amazing carnival puppets and sculptures. Using games and slideshows Steph gets kids to explore plastic pollution, recycling and repurposing waste

Working across all 6 primary schools in BS13, each school will make one part of a giant sea monster out of household waste and farm scrap. Letting their imaginations run wild, kids get to design their very own sea species, then film them to create “Creature Comfort” style videos. 

Heart of BS13 and creative Steph have put together a step by step YouTube video on how to create a fish puppet out of house hold trash.

Enter our competition for a chance to win a £50 voucher and share your unique fish puppet creations!

Find out more about Steph here


Eat your heart out Transformers!

Ruby makes sustainable, eco friendly robotics – a perfect use of the scrap waste from the farm. 

Younger kids will learn the skills to create their very own air-driven robots whilst the teenagers get busy exploring, designing and creating interactive architecture that asks “how would we redesign the Farm to adapt to a changing climate?”


Find out more about Soft Robotics here