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Let’s talk about food justice

Posted on 11th May 2022

Food justice is about creating a food system that is fair for everyone. And it is inextricably linked to social justice and climate justice.

Our food system in the UK is broken and once again, it effects households on low wages who don’t have easy access to healthy affordable food shops the most.

In BS13, we don’t have a fresh bakery. We have one butchers and one fruit veg shop in the whole of BS13 but it’s the wrong side, its miles away.

What we do have is overpriced convenience stores where it’s impossible to get a week’s worth of shopping on a budget. To get to the bigger supermarket is difficult, transport is rubbish, so people often have no choice but to go to the local shop, pay over the top, eat less well and have poorer health and life chances as a result.

When food is flown into the UK, not only does is cost the environment because of the air travel, it also means that its shelf life is shorter resulting in a massive amount of food waste. Most people in BS13 don’t use their brown food waste bins so this ends up in landfill where it releases harmful gasses.

Meanwhile, environmentally sustainable plant-based products are often more expensive and very difficult to access in BS13 than meat and dairy which have a high carbon footprint, making it harder to choose a more sustainable diet.

And while increasingly people in BS13 are now facing food poverty – missing meals and relying on poor diets – the effects of climate change related to what we are eating here are also causing crop failure and food shortages for millions of people worldwide. 

It’s totally bonkers! And it doesn’t have to be like this. 

Locally, we can take action to address all these issues at the same time. 

We need to make sure that everyone has access to nutritious food.

We need new food businesses that sell locally produced, affordable, sustainable food in BS13.

We need to grow and eat sustainably-produced fruit and vegetables, which will improve our health.

We need to be able to access, and know how to cook, low carbon foods, so that it’s easy to choose more sustainable options.

We need to recycle our household and business food waste into nutritious compost so we can start the growing process again and create a closed loop food system.

We need to educate ourselves about how our diets affect the world we live in and feel inspired and empowered to make behavioural changes.

At Heart of BS13 we are working hard to make all of these changes. You can get involved by volunteering or participating in our educational events and workshops – sign up to our Newsletter to keep up to date.