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Ideas for how to eat well during lockdown

Posted on 16th May 2020

Some thoughts on how feeding ourselves foods based on fruit and vegetables can become an act of kindness to our bodies and ourselves. 

In “normal” times, in the community kitchen we support people to cook food that makes us feel good. But as we can’t meet up for cooking groups, to cook and talk together, consider this a letter sent with our best wishes to you instead.  

This year, Mental Health Awareness week has the focus of “kindness”. How can cooking for yourself become an act of kindness? 

Well, how does cooking using fruit and vegetables, sound? A bit flat, perhaps. Not very exciting? You might change your mind with our quick and easy healthy recipes!

If there are any ingredients that are kind to our bodies, then vegetables and fruit are definitely them; eaten daily, fruit and vegetables provide protection from so many health problems, including some cancers and heart disease. They give us essential vitamins and minerals, and are high in fibre, meaning they satisfy us for longer. And they taste good. 

Fancy trying something new, delicious and healthy? Start simple and easy with these recipes for quick heart-warming soups. Add a rainbow of vegetables as a pizza topping and eat it with sweet potato wedges. As the days get warmer, a fresh salad brings the colour and taste of nature and the growing world to the side of your plate; try a grated carrot and beetroot coleslaw with an omelette – no mayo needed!

Being kind to yourself this week could involve you making healthy swaps – a banana oatie for a custard cream, carrot sticks and hummus for a packet of crisps, homemade soup for lunch rather than a sausage roll – what changes would you make??