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How to make a bird feeder from a toilet roll

Posted on 12th June 2020

With lockdown having been in place for almost 2 months, and some of us told to socially-isolate even earlier, it’s understandable that the outside world could feel very far away. When we do go outside, it has been for essential work, shopping or exercise, with little time to pause to notice where we are and the changes going on around us.

But while it may be off our agendas, connecting with nature is well-known for it’s healing qualities and really worth the effort – it can make us feel grounded, connected to a place, and appreciative of the sheer beauty and intricacy of the natural world. And amazingly, while we’ve been cooped up in our houses, nature hasn’t stopped and Spring is fully in bloom.

If you can, go for a walk somewhere green, and notice the environment you are in. If you’re lucky enough to have a garden, try growing some seeds or making a bug hotel (follow us on Facebook to check out our up-coming how-to videos on these subjects), or if you’re self-isolating, take time to notice the outside world from your window.

Watch our video on how to invite nature to come to you by making a bird feeder – if you’re self-isolating you could hang it by a window so you can watch the birds up close?