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Get moving at home during lockdown

Posted on 12th June 2020

If you were finding exercise difficult to do before lockdown then the chances are you will have put it to the side on your ‘maybe later’ list. And even if you did exercise before, you may have found that with all the changes lockdown has brought, it has slipped from your routine. For most of us, the very nature of lockdown means that we are moving far less than usual.

However, especially at this time, it’s great to remember how much movement can support us to feel good and improve our mental health. Exercise can help us to feel more connected to and positive about our bodies, and more energised, as well as making it easier to sleep at night. It may be challenging to start, but when do you ever regret making the effort once you’ve done it?

Check out our video on how to get moving while you’re at home.