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Get active, get motivated

Posted on 2nd July 2020

We all know physical exercise is good for us but sometimes it can be difficult to get motivated or stay motivated to do it. How many times have you made a new years resolution to jog or go to the gym only to have broken it two weeks later?

At Heart of BS13 we recognise how hard it can be to get motivated to be active particularly if we have let it slip, if we have put weight on, lost fitness, lost confidence or just feel low. The irony is that if we get active all of the above is likely to improve and as we feel the benefit we will get more motivated!

So initially we need to create a plan and give ourselves a gentle push start. The most important element of getting motivated is knowing or experimenting to see what works for you. These are our top tips:

And remember to wear suitable comfy clothing, stay hydrated and work within your own limits. Go on, give it a go!