Launching the Real Meals on Wheels Crowdfunder!

In BS13, 1 in 8 households experiences food poverty. We're fundraising so that more families have access to quality food at affordable prices.

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Hartcliffe City Farm FAQ’s

We’ve put together some answers to the questions we are being asked. If you have more questions, then drop an email to us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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Hartcliffe City Farm & Climate Action Update

We’re talking about Hartcliffe City Farm and the climate action plan that will support it for future generations.

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Hartcliffe City Farm

We are creating a new venture that will build Hartcliffe City Farm into a thriving hub of community activity.  A place to relax, to work, to learn, to volunteer and to grow as part of a busy multi-purpose organisation that is welcoming to all.

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