When you buy what we grow, cook or make you're supporting social enterprises to make a difference!

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The Heart of BS13 Garden
Our no-dig market garden offers vocational training and volunteer placements for BS13 residents.  We produce high quality vegetables, flowers & herbs that we sell across Bristol to generate income that helps to sustain our work .

Community and business volunteering days
We run monthly volunteer days for anyone who would like to learn more about our work and support our program for the day, and a business volunteering scheme for businesses who want to bring their staff to our site to participate in personalised team away days.

Volunteering programme
Our team of dedicated, core volunteers gain a breadth of horticulture knowledge and employability-skills.  Volunteering happens on specific days and times of the week and long-term volunteers are offered additional learning pathways in areas that fit their specific skills and interests.

Watch our video about our volunteer Denise and what volunteering with Heart of BS13 means to her

Buy local, support social 

When you buy what we grow, cook or make, you are investing in our commitment to vocational training, supporting community enterprise and jobs in BS13.

We grow seasonal vegetables, herbs and flowers that are available to buy on a weekly subscription veg boxes through our online shop and we deliver to our customers in south Bristol via electric cargo bikes. We also make preserves from any seasonal gluts, which go into our gift hampers (available seasonally). Check out our recipes for ideas about what you can make from our produce.

Our produce features in our ‘pay it forward’ frozen meal range, where you can support our fight for health equality and food security in BS13.

We run bespoke workshops in floristry, Christmas wreaths, and closed loop composting.

Please contact garden@heartofbs13.org.uk or 07552607363 for more info on volunteering with us.


Composting to close the loop at Heart of BS13

Food is central to our goal of addressing social and health inequality in BS13.  At the Garden we grow chemical free herbs, vegetables and flowers and through the kitchen we cook and supply healthy, nutritious meals to our local community and beyond.

Heart of BS13 provides training opportunities to learn about horticulture, so what happens to our leftover food, the kitchen scraps and our garden waste is also an important part of the story.

Composting completes the circle from the growing of our ingredients, the cooking of our food and finally the transformation of waste products into an asset that can be returned to the soil to begin the cycle again.  By composting our food and garden waste we can prevent valuable resources from going to landfill and what would have otherwise been thrown away is transformed into a valuable product that we can use in our gardens.

The composting process captures carbon and returns it to the growing cycle, reducing methane from landfill sites and making a positive impact to our individual and collective climate emissions.

At the Garden we are passionate about the environment, soil health and working with natural systems to grow strong and healthy plants.  Making and using our own compost in the garden is a fundamental element of our gardening ethos.  We want to share our skills and understanding so that anyone who wants to can make their own compost.  Homemade, nutrient rich compost is cheap and easy to make and your garden will thrive as you add it back to the soil.  So to reduce waste, save money and grow happy and healthy plants keep an eye out for our composting workshops that run at the garden throughout the year!


To say we are into food here at Heart of BS13 is an understatement!

We love growing food at our market garden and dreaming up ways to cook with what is in season.

Each week we will post a delicious seasonal recipe here which we hope you will feel inspired to try.

Or recipes are everything you’d want – healthy, quick to make, cheap, planet-friendly and great tasting – give them a go!

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