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Heart of BS13 Kitchen Garden At our market garden in BS13, we grow food which we sell across Bristol, using sustainable farming practices that support nature, biodiversity and soil health. We produce high quality, low-carbon fruit, vegetables and herbs which we to supply the Heart of BS13 kitchen and to Bristol restaurants. Through this work, we create educational opportunities for local residents and schools, and vocational training and volunteer placements which empower people with the skills to grow their own food or to seek work in this field.

Volunteer programmeOur volunteer programme includes volunteer days for anyone who would like to learn more about and support our work for the day, and a business volunteer scheme for businesses who want to bring their staff to our site to participate in personalised team away days.

Watch our video about our volunteer Denise and what volunteering with Heart of BS13 means to her

Heart of BS13 Flowers

We are passionate about growing flowers and have recently set up our new flower farm at the Hartcliffe City Farm market gardens.

Unlike most flowers available in the shops, ours are not sprayed with pesticides, flown in from across the world or at all generic – they are chemical-free, low-carbon, seasonal with a sweet scent and incredibly beautiful.

Buy our flowers
Our flowers are available to buy from our online shop as gift bouquets or fortnightly subscription. Small bouquets can also be purchased from our Farm Gate studio at Hartcliffe City Farm 10am-2pm on Thursdays. We also sell our flowers in shops across Bristol and direct to florists.

Celebration and sympathy flowers
We offer bespoke sustainable wedding, sympathy and event floristry packages. Our florist Clem has 15 years of experience in event floristry and will work with you to design the perfect flower arrangements for your needs.

Volunteer programme
Heart of BS13 flowers wouldn’t be possible without our team of dedicated, core volunteers and trainees who have worked hard to build the flower farm up from the start. Our volunteers gain a breadth of horticulture knowledge and employability-skills on our horticulture programs. Volunteering happens on specific days and times of the week and long-term volunteers are offered additional learning pathways in areas that fit their specific skills and interests.

Please contact garden@heartofbs13.org.uk or 07552607363 for more info on volunteering with us.

Closed-loop composting

Making and using our own compost is a fundamental part of our work here in our gardens.

Rather than allowing our Kitchen food scraps and garden waste to end up in landfill where it releases dangerous methane gases, we recycle it into nutritious compost which improves soil health, increases life in the soil, prevents soil erosion and helps us to grow strong, healthy plants.

Find out more about the importance of composting and soil health here.

Kids in the Loop
Our latest project Kids in the Loop is about educating children and young people in the BS13 area about the impact food waste composting can have on climate change and the environment. Children are engaged and motivated around climate and environmental issues and we want to resource them with the knowledge to encourage their parents to bring us their food waste to transform it into amazing compost with the use of our new Ridan composter.

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