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Enjoy nature during lockdown

Posted on 16th May 2020

At this time where we have be told to stay home to stay safe, going out can feel even more challenging as we have got used to staying in. Getting out into the fresh air and getting a change of scene invariably helps us feel better and feel more connected to the world rather than isolated in our own homes. Going out and getting a change of scene is a kind thing to do for ourselves and our family; taking time alone or going out together sometimes gives us the space we need to improve our mood and see things differently.

Despite lock-down we have been blessed with fantastic weather which means Spring has really got going. If you don’t have a garden why not go out for a short walk and see what plants you can spot growing. Once we start looking we notice things we have never seen before – like the purple plant that grows like wildfire on a wall! How does that work? And have you seen the airy, frothy Cow Parsley growing abundantly on the verges or in the wooded areas. There are lots of green areas in BS13, why not go out and see how many different flowers or plants you can see?

If going out isn’t your thing, why not grow something. Our volunteers at the allotment love seeing the seeds they plant start to grow. Not everything is successful, but the seedlings that grow make up for the ones that don’t make it, its part of the surprise! If you want to be kind to nature you can recycle your egg cartons and use them to grow some seeds in.

Or, try re-growing veg or salad that you have used – take the base of your lettuce, cut all the leaves down and put in a small bowl of water till you see the leaves in the centre starting to grow out. At this point transfer to a plant pot with compost or soil in and soon you will have more lettuce to pick and eat with your pizza, magic!

Finally if you are growing things in your garden, if you are anything like us, you will have your favourite colours and you will like plants that multi-task – give colour to your garden or window sill, are edible and save you money. Herbs are a great example of this and many are easy to grow and add a new twist to salads, omelettes or with mint you can even make your own herbal tea.

Chives are easy to grow or buy from supermarkets and keep growing in your garden. The purple flowers look beautiful and are edible so can be added to salads. Mint, again easy to grow, lovely fresh smell, easy to buy a plant from the supermarket and keep growing inside or out; but plant in a pot otherwise it might take over your garden. If you are looking for a burst of colour we don’t think you can go far wrong with the bright and breezy Pot Marigolds – a vibrant orange telling us spring is here and summer is on its way. They keep flowering throughout the summer and would make a happy addition to your garden, balcony or windowsill.

If growing plants isn’t your thing, but you love flowers take a look at what we are growing and selling from the Kitchen Garden Enterprise – beautiful seasonal cut flowers – from just down the road, delivered for free in BS13!