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Does your child know more about climate change than you do?

Posted on 4th May 2022

To mark Earth Day 2022, Spike Island invited us to bring a group of children from BS13 to a ‘Body Forest Workshop’  in Leigh woods, followed by a private viewing of their art galleries. In partnership with Hartcliffe Club for Young People, we took 11 children aged 12+ on the trip last week, where we explored our connection with nature, played games, made dens and drank nettle tea! Thanks so much to Spike Island for this opportunity.

While we were in the woods, we discussed the climate emergency and were amazed how knowledgeable the children were about climate and environmental breakdown. While adults can so often turn a blind eye or be distracted away from these subjects, they were all too real for these children as they know that it is their futures at stake. As once child so aptly put it ‘we need nature, without nature we wont survive.’

The sad truth is, our children have every reason to be worried. To quote the United Nations Secretary General Antiono Guturres – 

We are on a fast track to climate disaster.  Major cities under water.  Unprecedented heatwaves.  Terrifying storms.  Widespread water shortages.  The extinction of a million species of plants and animals.  This is not fiction or exaggeration.  It is what science tells us will result from our current energy policies.”
(You can read his full statement here or watch it here).

As parents and adults, we can often feel powerless when faced with these subjects, but we can help our children and our planet by making ourselves more aware of what is going on. We highly recommend watching David Attenborough’s Breaking Boundaries: The Science of our Planet, which is an incredibly informative, heart-breaking and inspiring documentary. (If you aren’t able to access it, watch this space as we hope to soon be hosting climate-themed film nights at our Roundhouse so we can educate ourselves together). More ideas to follow!

And if your child is concerned about climate change and the environment, and wants to connect with others, they can join our Green Influencers Scheme. They’ll be supported to design, plan and deliver social action projects where they will grow, invent, recycle, campaign and make a difference! 
This scheme is open to 10-14 year olds and is free of charge. It runs on Tuesdays 4-5:30pm at the Roundhouse. To find out more, contact Kirsty on kirsty.hammond@heartofbs13.org.uk / 07591636490.

It’s terrifying and hope is no longer enough, but there ARE solutions if we choose them!