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Creating habits that support us

Posted on 8th April 2020

Now we are in the third week of lock-down whatever ideas we had about #stayathome and social distancing will have fallen away and we will be experiencing the reality of it; for better or worse. Maybe you thought you would like time to catch up on sleep, jobs, gardening or TV, but you actually miss your old routine. Maybe you thought quality time with your partner would be fantastic, but their constant company has quickly become irritating. Or perhaps you thought home-schooling would be inspiring and fun, but it just turns out to be exhausting! All of this is normal in this unprecedented situation we find ourselves in. It’s normal to feel stressed, irritated, anxious, zoned out, tired, agitated; we are in challenging times!

By the middle of week 3 before our new routine becomes ‘normal’ and we slip into habits, we have an opportunity to notice what has gone well, or better than expected, over the last two weeks and what has not worked or not gone well. Rather than slipping blindly into bad habits or an unhelpful routine, take this moment to build on the positive experiences and discuss the things that aren’t working to see if you can agree a different approach or just try something new.

Remember when life gets tough we all are normally just doing our best to get through it, be kind to each other.