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Create a kind, simple routine for yourself and your family

Posted on 16th May 2020

At this time of being asked to #stayathome because we are fighting a pandemic everybody will be having a very personal experience of this abrupt change in our lives. However, we are all experiencing a change in our world and change is unnerving, so more than ever it is important that we are kind to ourselves and others.

As part of this change many of us have lost our normal routine of getting up, getting ready for work and school, going out for the day and coming back home to homework, housework, doing the tea, going out again, coming back in, getting ready for bed etc. This routine meant we knew where we were in our day, what day it was and what we had to do. Now our routine is gone or changed we can feel lost, lacking motivation or anxious. To help ourselves negotiate this change many of us have created a new routine that helps to hold us through this time of change and uncertainty.

During this mental health awareness week focused on #kindnessmatters it’s a good time to take a look at your routine or lack of routine and ask yourself – is this working for me? Does this help me feel better or worse, calmer or more anxious? In talking and supporting people through Positive Minds we have heard that making little tweaks to their routine can help people and their mental health immensely.

We have been living in a very different way for over 8 weeks now and have probably slipped into some bad habits, become irritated with each other or have lost motivation; this is normal. Firstly congratulate yourselves for doing so well and take time to notice the good things that have come out of lock-down. Then notice the things you would like to change and ask yourself how could I be kinder to myself and my family?

Take a look at our daily blogs to help inspire you to make tweaks to your routine and be kinder to yourself. This is not about over-burdening yourself; it is about noticing what makes you feel good. We have heard that some people are really enjoying going out for a daily walk, or skipping with their children. Some are using this time to try new recipes or be creative with store cupboard staples, and lots of people have been seen doing their gardens or planting seeds and others at Walwyn Gardens have even been on the news for singing together to keep their spirits up!