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Asking for help

Posted on 1st June 2020

By Helen Gunson – Positive Minds Manager

Asking for help doesn’t mean we are weak. Asking for help doesn’t mean we give control away. It is in fact, to my mind anyway, the opposite.

Asking for help is a sign of strength, it is a sign that we are able to acknowledge our vulnerability; that in our hour of need we do not abandon ourselves but recognise we need help.

It is normal that when we feel lost, overwhelmed or confused we can feel down about ourselves, or feel weak, shame, anger, or like we want to give up. However, at Positive Minds, it is through these times of challenge that, with support, we see people grow, recognise their own strengths, become more confident in themselves and find their way again.

We know from our experience of listening and supporting people through Positive Minds that asking for help initially can be difficult, however once people experience the benefits of it they become more at ease, even empowered in asking people for advice, support or a bit of time. People begin recognise that it is through asking for help that they start to take control of a situation and feel better, that just talking through their problems somehow starts to lessen the load, that being heard helps them hear them self and their needs more clearly. With a fresh pair of eyes or ears their experience often looks different and new ways of moving forward can become clear.

We all need help at sometime and in my experience, people like to help. Most people like to share their knowledge, skills and ideas; it makes them feel good. So next time you think you might need some help, don’t hesitate too long before you ask for it.

We know how stressful this time is for many people so Positive Minds has opened its’ phone lines to offer a listening ear, practical advice and help in putting together a plan to help your though these tough times. We encourage you to phone before you get into a crisis so we can work with you to help you find your way forward or the support you need to prevent things getting worse.

Positive minds Phone lines are open:

Monday 9am – 12 noon 0737 831 0079

Wednesday 1pm – 4pm 0737 831 0079

Thursday 1pm – 4pm 0788 066 1239

Friday 9 – 12 noon 0788 066 1239

Human beings like structure, we like to know where we are and routine supports good habits (and bad habits if we are not careful). To help us get through this time of uncertainty putting a structure of some sort into your life will help. Make it a structure that helps you, if you are not an early morning person don’t make yourself get up at 6am, but do get up. Avoid letting yourself slip into going to be later and later till you are awake at night and asleep during the day; this isn’t healthy, daylight is important to keep our natural biorhythms going.

Get up, get showered and get dressed – even though many of us can’t leave the house this helps give us structure and indicate that it is day.