Launching the Real Meals on Wheels Crowdfunder!

In BS13, 1 in 8 households experiences food poverty. We're fundraising so that more families have access to quality food at affordable prices.

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We're all about improving health in BS13

and we're putting Heart of BS13 on the map as a place where social enterprise supports a healthy and thriving community.

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Buy local, support social!

Our gorgeous ‘Grow Your Own Garden’ allows you to see a selection of our plug plants, fresh herbs, delicious vegetables and beautiful flowers grow before your very eyes! When you buy direct from us you support a social enterprise that funds training and investment in the BS13 community. You also cut out the usual supply chain, so that you play your part in supporting the local economy AND reducing your carbon footprint.

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Become a Values Inspired Purchaser™ (VIP)

Join the fight against food poverty and become a VIP with the Real Meal Store @ Heart of BS13. When you buy our Real Meals, you’re joining a very inclusive club, unlocking a range of fabulous foodie perks each time you chose to pay it forward! Our VIP membership means so much more because you’re thinking beyond yourself, prioritising people and the planet! Click here to find out more and how to become a Values Inspired Purchaser™ …

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From child to adulthood

Heart of BS13 works across the life course, mobilising children, young people and adults towards better health. In a community where health inequalities impact significantly on life chances, we take action to challenge food insecurity, improve the environment and address physical and mental health concerns. At Heart of BS13 we know that people become healthier when education, training and work opportunities exist. We want to inspire and create social enterprise here, putting BS13 on the map as a place where innovation supports employment and a healthy and thriving community.

The Real Meal Store

Buy our delicious Real Meals and join the fight against food poverty.



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The Kitchen Garden Enterprise

We grow and sell seasonal vegetables, fruits, herbs and cut flowers in our low-carbon, high impact social enterprise.

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Zero Carbon Delivery to your Door.

We partner with FixX Bikes to keep our carbon emissions low and our partnership ethics strong.

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As we move out of the pandemic

We are continuing to support BS13 and follow government guidelines as we restart our face to face work in the community

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Community Climate Action

We’re committed to BS13 becoming part of the conversation, and the solution to the climate emergency.

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Be Brilliant

Be Brilliant offers support to BS13 residents who join our vocational training and volunteer programmes.

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